You do the important work of empowering clients, employees or adult students with character strengths every day. Our research-based resources give you what you need to lead this change. Explore all of our tools for guiding clients, employees and adult students in their strengths-based practice.

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Resources for All Strengths-based Pros

Coaches & Therapists

Clients who have a coach that can spot and appreciate their strengths, and will prioritize strengths work in coaching, come to feel "known" and understood by their coach. This contributes to a strong and mutually engaging coaching relationship.

A focus on character strengths can be woven into any client/mentor relationship and can make the connection feel more authentic and meaningful. The first step is discovering the strengths of your clients.

Managers & Consultants

Engaged employees are involved, enthusiastic, and further their organization's interests. However, survey research finds that the majority of employees are disengaged from their work.

As an employer, it may be time to ask the question: "What opportunities are there within each employee's job to foster his or her character strengths further?" By giving your employees access to their strengths with their Character Strengths Profile, you can provide a common language to facilitate discussions, re-frame issues and set goals, both as individuals and as teams.


You can help your students do what they do best to succeed in their education. Creating a classroom of character starts with the free VIA Survey.

By exploring the strengths of your students you can more effectively create lesson plans that give students the opportunity to thrive. You can help foster their unique Character Strengths Profile and help them become the person they are meant to be.

The Science Says

Employees who use four or more of their signature strengths are also more likely to experience work as a calling and not just a job.